A Flash classic - now in 4 Colors!

In 2007 I released a simple Flash game series that went on to have well over 50 million downloads and destroyed productivity in countless school classrooms.

Now that Adobe have decided to pull the plug on Flash, I discovered after much market research that the kids of today are more interested in mobile gaming... So I decided to port the game to a more viable platform - the original GameBoy!

Faithful to the original

This isn't however a cut down version - everything from the original is present - fast action, fun physics and tonnes of on screen ships.  Also included is the Boom-Bar, a feature added to 'Indestruc2Tank!' to make the game feel even better.

Finally on console...kinda!

Playable via emulator in the web browser, but also on real GameBoy hardware! The ROM file can be put onto a flash cartridge (how ironic!) or programmed to an empty cart and runs perfectly on Gameboy and Gameboy Advance!

If this does well I also plan on doing a limited run of original boxed cartridges produced for collectors of homebrew.


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In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

IndestructoTank! GB ROM file 32 kB
IndestructoTankGB Standalone Player.html 148 kB
Source code and build files 3 MB

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Never played the flash game version before, but I really liked this game! If you're still updating the game, I have two suggestions: high score saving so that players know what score they have to beat, and perhaps additional aircraft types even higher up in the stratosphere or space to increase the complexity. Thanks for the great game!

You're welcome! I'm not likely to update this particular version - it's already CRAMMED into a 32kb rom, but I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm sure I'll expand on it in future :)

There is an odd sense of satisfaction juggling the car in the air. It is simple to play yet really rewarding.

Didn't pay with sound so i will give it a go once more

also i don't quite get what "fuel" is, how it got replenished, and how the shop suddenly jumps from below.

i suspect the shop to be reached once i accumulate enough xp to the next level, and i suspect i refuel when i reach the shop.

adding some more ui to hint this would be great, eg: showing shop instead of LVLUP on the xp bar would help create the association.

you can also use more text prompts if the gb hardware is so limited.

or maybe change "CONTINUE" with "REFUEL AND GO" can help communicate it better


These are great ideas for a future update - i'll make a note for them - the refuel and go part especially - that would be easy to do and explain a lot!


This awesome game is in my Top 5 of this week! Check my video.

how do i play on gameboy?

(i want to play this at any time possible)

You'll need to buy a flashcart and put the rom on it

Ok thanks

Yes, the Rom is available on the main page, and any Gameboy flash cart will run it, even the cheaper non branded imports. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

wow amazing game, I really enjoyed it :)

Glad you did! Thanks!

really fun little system. great work !

Thankyou, and thanks for the follow!

Great game! So fun and complex at the same time. 

Thanks :)

Amazing stuff, lots of nostalgia for me. If you do get around to doing that box run I'll get one for sure!

If it happens I'll let you know, glad you enjoyed it!

Great game! Really enjoyed to play it!


awesome job, glad you liked it :)